Teledyne Cougar warrants that all of its products sold by and through its headquarters and representatives shall be (1) in accordance with the written guaranteed specifications, if any; (2) the kind and quality described in the sales order agreement; and (3) free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service when correctly installed and maintained for a period of one year from the date of Cougar's delivery to buyer, F.O.B. Cougar's facility. We do not, as a practice, warrant non-Class K hardware for Class K applications. See Cougar's "Sales Terms and Conditions" for further warranty provisions.

ECOs without Notice

In order to continuously improve the performance, design and reliability of the products in this catalog, Cougar reserves the right to implement engineering change orders to the products, their specifications and packaging at any time, without notice.

Verification of Latest Specifications

Cougar hereby declares that once this catalog is printed, it is the customer's responsibility to check Cougar's website,, and verify with Cougar's Sales staff to ensure that detailed product specifications published herein are the most recent revisions to the products the customer seeks to procure.

Although Cougar makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information published herein, Cougar assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Typical and Guaranteed Specifications

Specifications published herein as "Typical Specifications" shall not be interpreted as guaranteed specifications. Rather, Cougar defines "Typical Specifications" as those data that best represent any single product model for the parameters listed and across the stated bandwidths of each model and parameter. Actual performance specifications may be both higher and lower than the typical specifications across the bandwidth of a model.

Cougar defines "Guaranteed Specifications" as those performance values, minimum or maximum, and versus temperature, at which our engineers believe any single model will actually perform in worst case versus actual test data collected prior to publication of this Product Guide. Again, the Guaranteed Specifications in this catalog are subject to change without notice, and the customer must ensure procurement of the latest data revisions for each model.

Defense Rated Orders

Cougar accepts Department of Defense rated orders including both DO and DX ratings. We capture these ratings through our purchase order review process and code applicable work orders, as required. These in-house orders are tracked and governed in accordance with these ratings and the DPAS priority orders of DO or DX are shifted accordingly. Additionally, in accordance with the DPAS regulations, Cougar will flow down these rating requirements to our suppliers where applicable to ensure the most responsive system possible is in place for rated orders.

Export Controls

Cougar exports products in accordance with all U.S. export laws and international laws and treaties where applicable, including but not limited to regulations promulgated by the Department of State, Department of Commerce, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. While the vast majority of Cougar's products are classified as EAR99 under Department of Commerce's jurisdiction, Cougar is registered under ITAR for Department of State exports when applicable. Cougar's Export Compliance Program includes training staff regularly to ensure proper export jurisdiction and compliance of both product and technical data.